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About Us

The Workspace Team develops much the infrastructure underlying the IDE portion of the Eclipse platform. The team owns four component areas that are grouped together because they have closely related, and sometimes overlapping, functionality. In terms of bugzilla components, the Workspace Team owns the following four components:


In Ottawa, Canada: John Arthorne

In Cracow, Poland: Szymon Brandys, Tomasz Zarna, Pawel Pogorzelski

In Salzburg, Austria: Martin Oberhuber

Bugs, plans & ideas

The Workspace Bugs page contains a description of how Bugzilla is used to manage the work items assigned to the Workspace Team's components.

New.gif The Workspace 3.6 page contains some ideas for the Workspace components in Eclipse 3.6.

The Workspace 4.0 page contains some ideas for the Workspace components in Eclipse 4.0.

Useful Links

ABC of Platform Workspace @ EclipseCon 2008

The Workspace Team blog

Workspace bugzilla queries

Our components pages

Resources on wiki and Resources on eclipse.org

CVS on wiki and CVS on eclipse.org

Team on wiki and Team on eclipse.org

Below are links to development resources and FAQ's of our components

Workspace development resources


Team FAQ