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Eclipse/UNC Paths

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This page documents issues in the Eclipse project related to Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths. This page describes how to setup an environment for testing UNC paths, and some tips on how to handle UNC paths in your code.

Setting up for UNC path testing

For testing purposes you can setup your machine to have a "local" UNC path. Here is how to set this up on Windows XP:

  1. From File Explorer select a folder you would like to use as your UNC path.

Right-Click this folder and bring up the Properties dialog.

  1. Select the "Sharing" tab and then select the "Share this folder" option.

Note that you can change the name under which you share this folder

  1. If you are going to test the ability to write to the UNC path then you must

also click the "Permissions" button on the "Sharing" tab.

  1. For "Group or user names" there should be the user "Everyone". If not then

click "Add..." and enter the name "Everyone" (you can click the "Check Names" to ensure the user exists on your system). Then click OK.

  1. For the Everyone user check the "Full Control" permission under the "Allow"

column. Click OK until the folder properties dialog exits.

To test your local UNC path do the following:

  1. Find out the host name of your machine (from a dos prompt execute


  1. In File Explorer enter in your UNC path \\<hostname>\<share folder name>
  2. This should allow you to browse to the shared location. Ensure you can

modify the folder if you set it up to be fully controlled by Everyone.

Now you should be able to use this UNC path locally to test Eclipse. For example:

  1. Launch eclipse and point it to the UNC path for a workspace location. Then

you can test the self-hosting scenario from comment 1.

  1. Extract an eclipse build to the UNC path and then launch it using the UNC

path to ensure eclipse can launch.

  1. Attempt to do a build to build upgrade of Eclipse while launched from the

UNC path to ensure p2 can provision to a UNC path.


bug 207103 - Eclipse project 3.4/3.5 release bug discussing UNC path support File URIs in Windows - Microsoft reference on working with UNC paths

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