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Some documents written and/or used by the PMC:

Meeting Schedule

The Eclipse Project PMC has a weekly phone meeting every wednesday at 10.30am EST.

Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2011: - Dani, John, Martin,

  • Dani: bug 330534 ObjectTeams Contribution - JDT might allow using their namespace as an exception, couple p2 bugs pending
    • If the p2 solution cannot be done, OT/J will need to remain off the train
  • Martin: Concerned about Eclipse 3.x quality, many regressions and not being addressed
    • bug 320329 ThreadJob#waitForRun can spin when blockingJob is not RUNNING
      • Platform Runtime: Regression introduced in 3.6, can have severe Performance impact, reported 10-Jul, commenters unsure about approach to fix
      • A buggy contribution was accepted, and then the contributor left
      • John spent a lot of time.. there was a fix that didn't work
      • Dani: Could the contribution be pulled out? - No because it's new API (yield())
      • Contributor was quite good originally but then just switched teams and was no longer available
      • The new testcase from Markus Schorn might help narrowing down the case quickly
    • bug 335153 Regression: p2 downloads are much slower due to picking remote artifacts even when a local file: URL is available
      • p2: Regression introduced in 3.6, reported 24-Jan, testcase + patch attached, response pending
    • bug 332840 Wrong error about API change (Regression; works with 3.7M3)
      • API Tooling: Regression introduced in 3.7M4, reported 17-Dec, Olivier: "I'll take a look" but no response since
    • bug 332838 Bogus potential null pointer access warning (regression; works with 3.6)
      • JDT: Regression introduced in 3.7M4, reported 17-Dec, Ayushman: "I'll investigate" but no response since
    • bug 332507 [regression] incomplete build path reported on o.e.rse.subsystem.shells.local
      • PDE UI: Regression introduced in 3.7M4, reported 14-Dec, initial traffic but no followup since 16-Dec
    • bug 335466 Regression: category.xml processing fails when "name" contains special chars
      • Just detected recently
    • bug 313899 [Progress] Every user-job causes a busy cursor to be shown for a minimum of 250ms
      • Platform UI: Patch provided on 21-May, no response whatsoever from Platform UI
    • John: There had been a fair bit of turnover, new committers getting up to speed ... having less experienced people is a fact
      • Identifying key bugs in the big bug database takes a lot of experience
    • Dani: M5 is the Major feature freeze, so new feature / API work has highest priority ... so quality drop is somewhat expected in M5
    • Even for regressions... if the regression is less critical than new bugs, it goes behind
    • RESOLUTION: Make the important bugs visible to the component leads or PMC. It's natural that we sometimes need to ping on a bug. M5 is a problematic time.
  • John: bug 335374 Redhat 6 as a Reference Platform
    • SWT team doing some final testing, then will put only RH6 on the Ref Platform list
  • John: OpenJDK as a Reference Platform - Oracle is interested and might contribute testing

January 19, 2011: - McQ, John, Jeff, Dani, Martin

  • Jeff will be unavailable for meeting next 6-7 weeks
  • John: How do we interpret "under the direction of the PMC" in Eclipse legal process?
    • McQ: Not about approval, but about PMC being aware
    • Jeff: Goal is to indicate "Working with an Eclipse mindset", ie in close collaboration with a committer ... contributor must be aware of IP due diligence guidelines from the beginning of evolution of the code. We want to avoid introducing IP leaks by accepting legacy code that was written before assuming an Eclipse mindset.
    • McQ: This is about understanding the direction of Eclipse as a whole. Request a PMC +1 on the bug as work is being started. PMC should work with committer to ensure that contributor has been instructed about IP rules.

January 12, 2011: -

January 5, 2011: - McQ, John, Dani, Jeff, Martin

  • Dani: Component Lead progress? - Portal still doesn't have the correct list of components


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