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Jan 14:

- PMC component ownership x bugzilla pmc authorization

Jan 21:

- How should we track meeting minutes topic

- Provisional API conventions - Jeff working to revise guidelines in Bugzilla bug (XXXXXX. YYYYY) - tooling is available now, lots of options (errors vs. warnings) etc. - should there be a tag in the Javadoc (ie. "experimental")? - Jeff, "... Javadoc should not be generated for provisional ..." - Martin disagrees, "... need feedback and discussion for new API ..."

- What is the role of the PMC lead? - global view of components/processes - organize architecture call, ensure we are on track - sparc conversations (ie. M5 is feature freeze)

- Reference platforms - we should choose JDK1.6, "update 11" rather than "update 4" - around "RC time", solidify the reference platform (it is the one we are testing on) -

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