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Eclipse/Bug Tracking


The Eclipse Project uses Eclipse Bugzilla for bug tracking. This page provides details on how the Eclipse project uses bugzilla.

Bugzilla Fields

Target Milestones

The Target Milestone field lists the Milestone or Release in which a bug was first fixed. The fix can be assumed to be present in all milestones or releases after that point, unless otherwise specified in the bug. The notation used is as follows:

  • x.y.z - indicates a final release build in which the fix/enhancement was made
  • x.y.z M# - indicates a milestone build in which the fix/enhancement was made
  • x.y.z RC# - indicates a release candidate build in which the fix/enhancement was made
  • x.y.z+ - indicates the fix was made after the x.y.z release, and was released into the maintenance branch in CVS corresponding to that release. If a hypothetical x.y.(z+1) release were to occur, it would contain the release, but no such release is scheduled. For example 3.4.2+ indicates the fix was released in the R3_4_maintenance branch in CVS sometime after the 3.4.2 release, and would be included in a theoretical 3.4.3 release if such a release occurred.

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