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This document is a work in progress. We will use it to capture notes as we progress.

Areas of focus

  • Provide a new "skin" for all of
    • Since uses the Phoenix framework, providing a new Skin allows projects to test the new skin on their content, and to migrate from Nova at their own pace
    • A new skin would ideally include: Phoenix skin, a basic Drupal skin/theme and a barebones HTML header & footer to adapt the look to subsites, such as Bugzilla, Forums, Mailing lists
  • Header & Footer
  • Home page
  • First level Landing Pages (/downloads, /membership, etc)
  • Content page (two and three-column layouts)

Out of scope

  • PMI Layout
  • Other forges, such as LTS, m2m, LocationTech and Polarsys

Page elements


Logo area

  • The Eclipse logo should always be shown, even when running a promotion banner. The logo should be clickable and always return "Home"
  • An area must be available for a promotion banner (such as: EclipseCon)
  • The Logo area could include a Download Eclipse button, which would link to /downloads

Nav bar

  • The nav bar contains links to important landing pages
    • Some of the elements in the current nav bar can be eliminated or included in others
      • Home would disappear, in favour of the always-shown logo
      • Committers and Users could be replaced with Getting Started
      • Resources could be part of Getting Started
      • Google Search bar should be condensed, perhaps using a magnifying glass instead of a big Search button
      • Other sites that cannot fit into the Nav Bar could be in a More... section (ie, Forums, Mailing Lists, Bugzilla, etc)
        • Google uses the 3x3 grid to indicate there are more sites

Other header thoughts

  • Login integration would be nice
  • Breadcrumbs, or at the least, map each page to a "parent"

Content area

  • Provide 2-column layout
  • Provide 3-column layout
  • Provide one big free content area (home page and project pages who which to be creative)


  • Nothing special here, yet

Technologies used

  • Creating a new Phoenix "skin" is desirable to ease migration for EMO content pages as well as project pages
  • Bootstrap?

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