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EUG:Who should use this guide

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Who should use this guide

This manual is for people who want to integrate communication capabilities into their Eclipse Workbench. The biggest time consuming tasks beside actually typing code is communicating about that code. If you would be able to get a hold of time-sheets of random development projects, it could reveal that communicating about the code is the winner if it comes to development time.

So, if you agree with the latter then you perhaps also agree that a multi-tool like Eclipse is not complete without communication capabilities. And here you are. Welcome to the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) Users Guide.

ECF has two major uses:

  1. For Users: ECF provides Instant Messaging (IM), Chat, File Sharing, Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) and Real-Time Group Collaboration
  2. For Developers: A framework (set of APIs) for developers to add communications functions to their tools and applications

This manual is about "using" the ECF. If you want to learn how to integrate ECF into your own applications, you are welcome to the ECF Integration Guide (but it will not hurt to skim through this manual first.)