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eTrice Newsletter 02-November-2010

Current Status

  • The project is in the incubation phase now
  • The initial contribution will be made in november
  • The current prototype contains:
    • ROOM grammar for static structure and behaviour
    • XText editors
    • codegenerator and middleware for Java
    • first graphical editor (Actor Structure)

Here are some screenshots of the prototype:

First Release in February

The initial release 0.1 is planned for february. It will contain:

  • XText Editors for ROOM Models
  • codegenerators and middleware for Java
  • graphicals editors for structure (Actors) and behavior (Statemachines)
  • first model level debugging: generated Message Sequence Charts (MSC) for target application
  • language features:
    • hierarchical Actors for static Structure
    • Protocols for Ports
    • Layering (SAPs and SPPs)
    • Hierarchical Finite Statemachines (FSM)
    • Actor inheritance including inheritance of statemachines
    • Java runtime with thread deployment, message passing, lifecycle, debugging infrastructure
    • Java codegeneration for all modeling features

eTrice Presentations and Events

If you want to get an impression about the current status, you can meet the committers in November in various places:

Here are some links about the eTrice Project:

Project Homepage (will be filled with content soon): Project Proposal: Wiki: Forum: User mailing list (infos about releases and project status): Developer mailing (eTrcie Committers and Contributors):

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