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ETrice/GSoC/2012/DiagramLayout Kieler

This project "Diagram Layout in eTrice with KIELER" aims at improving the Graphical User Interface of eTrice ( a project under the Eclipse Modelling Domain intended towards implementation of the ROOM modelling language) by providing automatic lay-outing of ROOM diagrams in it's graphical editors. The lay-outing algorithms being employed are available under the KIELER project, which provides a lot of infrastructure for configuration and execution of layouts in various graphical editors in eclipse (eg: GMF and Graphiti based editors).


The deliverables of the project would be :

  • Two fully-functional graphical editors for eTrice with automatic lay-outing features for diagrams using the KIELER framework :
    • one for modelling hierarchical Structures of actors
    • another for modelling hierarchical State Machine Diagram (behaviour) of actors.
  • User will be provided the following methods to use the feature:
    • A toolbar and menu action to trigger layout on the active diagram.
    • A "Layout" view for layout option configuration.
  • User Documentation for how to use these features in both the editors.
  • Developer's Documentation for explaining the current implementation ( to facilitate any changes to be made in future and re-usability of the present code )
  • Resources (proper interfaces) for further extending the features of the editors by using the KiVi, KSBasE and KLighD Frameworks (provided by KIELER).
  • Documentation for the above resources for facilitating the extension.
  • Tests for proving bug-freeness of the developed feature.


The following calender shows the details of the various tasks to be completed and the deadlines during the project tenure :-

Project Proposal

Click Here to see the project proposal at GSoC's website .

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