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== Test Sequence ==
== Test Sequence ==
=== Installation ==
=== Installation ===
# revert VM to snapshot "eclipse-modeling-indigo-SR1-win32 before eTrice Installation"
# revert VM to snapshot "eclipse-modeling-indigo-SR1-win32 before eTrice Installation"

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This is a checklist for the tests that have to be done manually before a release.

Installation Test

For the installation test a ready to use WinXP VM exists. For licensing reasons it is only available for committers.

  • VM-Ware Version: 6.5.3 Workstation
  • Eclipse Version: eclipse-modeling-indigo-SR1-win32 (should be updated if newer versions are available)

Test Sequence


  1. revert VM to snapshot "eclipse-modeling-indigo-SR1-win32 before eTrice Installation"
  2. start VM
  3. start C:\Documents and Settings\develop\Desktop\eclipse-modeling-indigo-SR1-win32\eclipse\eclipse.exe
  4. select C:\workspace as workspace
  5. install eTrice:
    1. Menu: Help -> Install New Software -> add : http://download.eclipse.org/etrice/updates/nightly/ (or any other update you want to test)
    2. install only eTrice Core


  1. run the tutorial "Sending Data" (including timeout service) - the fastest way to do that is to copy an paste the complete model from the tutorial in GIT
  2. check code completion
  3. check code proposals
  4. check graphical structure editor
  5. check graphical behavior editor
  6. check if eTrcie help is available