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Handling Contributions

Sources of information



  • create a new clone from the eclipse etrice repository for this purpose to avoid interfering changes
  • create a new workspace with this contents
  • apply the proposed patch using Team > Apply Patch... Make sure to "Apply the patch to the workspace root" and set "Ignore leading path name segments" to 2
  • review the patch in the dialog by double clicking file by file and scanning the differences
  • verify the patch
  • flag the attachment (not the bug!) with iplog+
  • Commit the patch setting the contributor as author and the bug URL in the comment
    • example: git commit -a --author="Firstname Name <>" -m"applied patch for a really nice feature:"
  • Close the bug with a comment mentioning the Git commit (use URL, e.g.
  • Verify the bug being mentioned correctly in the project's IP log (make sure iplog is flagged on the attachment and the bug is closed)

Example 23:20, 23 February 2011 (UTC)

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