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Building the eTrice Documentation

The eTrice documentation is LaTex based. The sources are contained in the doc folder. The main document is etrice-doc.tex. All documents included therein will constitute the contents of the documentation.

The Ant script build.xml builds from the Tex sources

  • a PDF manual
  • HTML pages
  • the Eclipse help table of contents

Prerequisites of the build are

  • a MikTex installation which can be obtained from the MikTex web site
    • make sure that the htlatex binary is found on the path (it is located in %MIKTEX_HOME%\miktex\bin)
  • a LaTex Ant task which can be obtained from the Java2s web page
  • the Xslt engine saxon9he as a Jar archive available from the Saxon download page

Note: You may have to adapt the path in build.xml

<pathelement path="C:/Program Files/Saxonica/SaxonHE9.4N/lib/saxon9he.jar" />

to your situation.

Note: The LaTex Ant task can be defined also directly inside Eclipse: Preferences > Ant > Runtime > Tasks. Before doing so you will have to add the classpath to the ant_latex jar in the corresponding tab (under Global Entries).
The alternative is to also adjust the path in

<pathelement path="D:/setup/applications/software_engineering/apache/ant/extensions/ant_latex/ant_latex_0.0.9_1.jar" />

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