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EPP/Package Testing

General Package Tests

Before starting Eclipse

  • eclipse.ini: correct memory settings, any updates necessary?
    • Mac OSX: eclipse.ini in the correct place? eclipse/Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini
  • configuration/config.ini: correct product (eclipse.product)?
  • plugins/org.eclipse.epp.package.PACKAGENAME_*/plugin_customization.ini: correct default perspective (org.eclipse.ui/defaultPerspectiveId)?
  • linux-packages: executable bits set on eclipse?

Running Eclipse

  • Start the package with eclipse -consoleLog and watch the console for error messages.
  • Try to start the package with a wrong JVM version, e.g. 1.4 or GCJ - does it tell the user about the minimum required Java version?
  • Does the package start with the correct perspective? (defined in the plugin_customization.ini of the branding plugin)
  • Does it contain all necessary features?
    • Are there any errors in the p2 dialogs?
  • If the package contains the PDE feature:
    • Does any plugin view show any errors?
    • Bundles that cannot be started?
  • About Dialog:
    • Does it show up with the correct version and build ID?
    • Any suspicious entries in 'Feature Details' or 'Plug-in Details'?
    • 'Configuration Details' - is the JVM running with the correct settings?
  • Open the Preferences dialog. Does it show any suspicious entries?
  • Create a new project and test it.
  • Start the Eclipse Help. Does it contain the necessary help content?
  • Try to install something on top of the package with p2 from the Galileo repository and check that Eclipse can be restarted.
  • Use an older EPP package and try if it is possible to upgrade this with the new versions from the repositories

Individual Package Tests

CPP Package

  • Create a 'Hello World' project
    • Try to compile it.
    • Try to run it.

Java Package

  • Create a simple Java project
  • Create a HelloWorld class and run/debug it.
  • Create a XML file and test the XML editor feature.
  • Is Mylyn present on the initial perspective?

Java EE Package

  • Create a new project
  • Is Mylyn present on the initial perspective?
  • Perform any or all of the smoke tests from WTP
  • Perform any or all of the smoke tests from RSE (need link)
  • Perform any or all of the smoke tests from DTP
  • Finally, use them all together :)

RCP Package

  • Create a small plugin project
  • Use the XML editor to edit one of the XML files.
  • Start the new plugin.
  • All source code plugins of the SDK available?
  • Is Mylyn present on the initial perspective?

Modeling Package

Reporting Package

  • Create a new Report Project. In this project create a new Report.
    • Is the report file correctly created with a ".rptdesign" file type?
    • Does Eclipse switch to "Report Design" perspective?
    • Is a blank report design shown in the editor?
  • Go to Data Explorer view, right click on Data Sources, select "New Data Source". Select "Classic Models Inc. Sample Database". Select "Next>" then "OK".
    • Is a data source named "Data Source" correctly created under the "Data Sources" tree in Data Explorer view?
  • In Data Explorer view, right click on Data Sets, select "New Data Set". Select "Data Source" (the name of the data source created in previous step), select "Next>". In the next dialog, type in "SELECT * FROM CUSTOMERS" in the query text editor. Select "Finish"
    • Does the subsequent dialog show 13 columns under the "Output Columns" tab? Select OK to close the dialog.
    • Does a data set named "Data Set" show up under the "Data Sets" tree in Data Explorer view?
  • In Data Explorer view, click on "Data Set" under "Data Sets", drag it and drop it onto the blank report design in the editor.
    • Is a table created with 13 columns?
  • In the editor for the report design, click on "Preview" tab on the bottom.
    • Does the editor switch to the "Preview" tab and show a simple listing table with 13 columns and many rows?

Pulsar Package

  • Start pulsar. Check pulsar splash screen, default perspective and check if the mobile sdk views is presented with the registered
  • Import a JavaME SDK. Check if the sdk is imported properly
  • Create a MIDlet suite project with preprocessing enabled. Check if the project is created properly
  • Create a MIDlet suite based in one of the templates. Check is the midlet is created properly
  • Enter preprocessing directivies (//#) check if preprocessesing is working
  • Runs the MIDlet
  • Create a MIDlet Suite Package

PHP Package

  • Verify that the default perspective is PHP perspective.
  • Create a new PHP project.
  • Create a new PHP file.
  • Try code assist for PHP built-in functions.
  • Is Mylyn present on the initial perspective?