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EPIC Minutes and Transparency Guidelines

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This page describes the process and guidelines for minutes and transparency of the EPIC Council. Change suggestions for this page should be sent to Donald Smith.

  • Council Minutes will be recorded on the wiki page located on the EPIC Council Meeting Minutes page.
    • Minutes will contain action items and points of discussion that are not HR or Privacy related.
    • The EPIC Wiki page and minutes will be available to the public and linked from the eclipse.org WIKI navigation pages.
  • phoenix-epic-dev is the mailing list related to EPIC (Information on how to subscribe/view mailing lists can be found here.)
    • phoenix-epic-dev should be subscribed by all EPIC council members plus anyone wishing to monitor the EPIC activities.
    • Archives are viewable online here.
  • Feature suggestions and bugs should be logged in Eclipse' bugzilla.
    • Bugs should be logged in the "Technology - Phoenix" classification and then note the component as "EPIC".