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Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group

The purpose of the Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group (MIWG) is to define, implement and promote a common Mobile Application Development Kit (MADK) which can be easily augmented with handset -specific profiles. The MIWG is the forum for collaboration between the industry players to define and deliver a common platform, facilitate collaboration between existing Eclipse projects applicable to Mobile developers, and initiate new projects based on identified un-met requirements.

Scope and Definitions

Collected Requirements

Proposed MADK Architecture


This working group is open to everyone who is interested in both, Eclipse and Mobile.

Key Documents

Upcomming Events and Marketing Engagements

Where you can meet some of our WG Members Face-to-Face and learn more about the work we do.

  • Eclipse related Events
    • March 23-26: [EMIWG/EclipseCon2009Overview MWG presentations and meetings at EclipseCon 2009]
  • General Open Source and Mobile Events

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