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=== Pulsar Architecture Document ===
=== Pulsar Architecture Document ===
* [http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/mobile-iwg/msg00349.html Draft presentation of a proposed architecture for Pulsar]
* [http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/mobile-iwg/msg00414.html Architecture proposal for Pulsar]
* [http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/mobile-iwg/msg00374.html Feedback from Nokia/Symbian Foundation - 20 Apr]
=== Pulsar SDK Vendor Information ===
=== Pulsar SDK Vendor Information ===
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=== Current work ===
=== Current work ===
* [[EMIWG/MadkMockUp|MADK Out-of-box Experience and Workflow]]
* [[Previous Entries | Previous Entries]]
* [[EMIWG/MadkPackageContents|What Eclipse Projects should go into MADK 1.0?]]
* [[EMIWG/PackagintRequirementsAndImpact|Analysis of the Packaging Requirements and Impact]]
* [[EMIWG/PackagingGuidelines|Packaging Guidlines]]
* [[EMIWG/QuickInstallBetaRequirements|QuickInstall Beta Requirements]]
* [[EMIWG/QuickInstallBetaDesign|QuickInstall Beta High Level Design]]
* [[EMIWG/Developer_Resources/Configuring_the_Workspace|Configuring the Workspace]]
== How to Participate ==
== How to Participate ==

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[edit] Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group (now called Pulsar)

The purpose of the Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group (MIWG) (now called Pulsar) is to define, implement and promote a common Mobile Application Development Kit (MADK) which can be easily augmented with handset -specific profiles. The MIWG is the forum for collaboration between the industry players to define and deliver a common platform, facilitate collaboration between existing Eclipse projects applicable to Mobile developers, and initiate new projects based on identified un-met requirements.

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[edit] Pulsar Architecture Document

[edit] Pulsar SDK Vendor Information

[edit] Helios Work

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[edit] Current work

[edit] How to Participate

This working group is open to everyone who is interested in both Eclipse and Mobile.

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