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EMF Compare/Textual diff in model diff

When settings of EAttributes are different, the EMF compare tree editor only diplays a "modified" difference. This is somewhat insufficient when comparing an EAttribute being used for storing documentation, comments or even source code. In such a case, we would like to provide the ability to open a textual diff editor in a popup windows (as JUnit failure opens when comparing different expected and computed results).


We propose to open such an editor by double-clicking on a EAttribute diff setting in the tree editor. The kind of EAttribute pertinent for this use has the following properties:

  • eType.instanceClassName : java.lang.String


A first version of the text comparison of String EAttributes has been developped. It actually support two ways and three ways comparison. It also supports standard textual merge operations (copy from current change from right to left, copy all non-conflicting changes from right to left...).


The popup can be opened by right clicking a String EAttribute difference in the structural differences viewer.


The textual compare editor is opened as a popup. Here a simple 2-ways comparison. The toolbar of the popup is fully functionnal.


When the textual comparison is requested on a 3-way model comparison, a 3-way textual comparison is used. Conflicting and non conflicting differences are supported and the toolbar of the textual comparison popup is fully functionnal.

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