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EMF Compare/Specifications/CSShandlingForPapyrus

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Evolution Specification: CSS handling for Papyrus

Current status is DRAFT


CSS handling for Papyrus.

_Relevant tickets_ (links to the Bugzilla tickets which are related to the change):


Appearance in Papyrus diagram are handled through CSS style sheets which are only stored on “set” within the notation models. EMF Compare have to forbid the merge of CSS changes when they have not been “set” directly on the object.

Detailed Specification


Backward Compatibility and Migration Paths

Metamodel Changes

TODO. (Document any change to the metamodel. If they require a migration operation, mention it and describe the general idea of how migration process. If any information can be lost during the migration, mention it clearly. If validation rules must be added/modified, mention it also.)

API Changes

TODO. (List every API addition, removal and deprecation. For each removal and deprecation, indicate the migration path for existing code.)

User Interface Changes

TODO. (List every user-visible change in the interface. Here "user" includes not only end-users but also developpers.)

Documentation Changes

TODO. (List every documentation needing an update here, starting by the New and Noteworthy documentation.)

Tests and Non-regression strategy

TODO. (This part of the document should describe the strategy to use to correctly test the evolution and guarantee the non-regression.)

Implementation choices and tradeoffs

TODO. (Any important tradeoff or choice made during the implementation should be referenced here with pros/cons leading to the final decision.)