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EMF Compare/Restrict comparison on selection

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Revision as of 09:04, 21 February 2011 by Mikael.barbero.obeo.fr (Talk | contribs)

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In the tree comparison editor, a right click on an element MUST open a popup menu. It gives the ability to select the selected element as the new root of the comparison. So we must be able to open (EditorInput) the tree comparison editor on EObject input and not only on ResourceSet. Moreover, this feature does not need the difference to be computed on the model. Only the match has to be performed. We MAY then implement a action to match elements in models instead of fully comparing (compute difference) models. If the selected element has a matching element, this matching element is the new other root for comparison.

If it doesn't have, we have two solutions:

  • the restriction is not possible,
  • the restriction will take the closest parent of the selection having a matching element in the other model.