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EMF Compare/Improvements for Ericsson 2013

This work is developed by Obeo and sponsored by Ericsson in the context of Polarsys [1]

Provide a merge extension mechanism



Extension point for filters and groups

Enhance readability of the structural differences

Provide content merge viewer for resource attachment changes

Compare / Team actions in the Papyrus UI

Model manipulation

Adapt EGit to better integrate with EMF Compare and Logical Models

Enhanced support for merging opposite references

Phantom display of removed graphical items

Display EMF objects tree for containment reference changes

Comparison of models with different versions of applied Profiles

Model Merge UI

Compare property view

Remove label changes detection

Merge only Differences related to the selected one

Enhanced support for UML2 subsets / supersets / unions

Integrate the scoping mechanism of EMF Compare to the Team logical model API

Performance enhancement : reduce time of model resolving

Graphical model comparison engine enhancement

More accessible merge actions

Enhance markers of graphical comparison

CSS handling

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