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EMF Compare/GMF Notation model Comparison

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The GMF diagram comparison tasks can be splitted in four parts. First, we must be able to compare GMF Notation models, then we have to know how we handle the link with the comparison of the semantic model (i.e. the elements represented by the diagram). Third, we have to know how to integrate existing GMF editor within the EMF Compare editor. Finally, we have to know how to create generic markers on the diagram to give a feedback of the computed differences to the user.

Notation model comparison

The whole notation model will not be taken into account. The difference computation will only occur on a subpart as depicted below:

Gmf notation compare.png

The nodes and edges will be matched by their XMI IDs. Containment between will be handled in a generic way (i.e. by the GenericMatchEngine).

Link with the semantic comparison

GMF editor integration within Comparison editor

Markers for GMF diagrams