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EMF Compare/Build

Build job locations

The latest version can always be built with the master-nightly job.

p2 repositories (a.k.a. update sites) locations

EMF Compare builds are stored in p2 repositories that are produced as part of the build process. This section provides an overview of the different repositories maintained by the EMF Compare project, and their corresponding location and retention policy.

EMF Compare update sites are located on the server within the folder /home/data/httpd/

Launching a Build

Members of the EMF Compare team are the only persons that can launch builds. You will need to be connected to hudson and on the page of the job you want to run (see above).

The build takes a single parameter, the reference target platform, which determines the target eclipse version.

Promotion Instructions

  • Launch build on the required hudson job. Let's assume here that you build the latest version through job master-nightly.
  • Once the build has passed
    • Look at the log and search for the string ""
    • Just a few lines under that is "The project's OSGi version is x.x.x.yyyyMMddhhmm"
    • Copy that version
  • Go to the manual publishing job at

This build takes two parameters, none of which can be empty:

  • QUALIFIER is the version you've copied just above. Paste it in there.
  • ALIAS is the human readable name for this milestone. By convention, this is "x.x.x<optional milestone name>", for example 3.3.1M7 or 3.3.1RC2.

Once the build completes, we need to tag the repository

  • Open a terminal at the location of the emf compare clone
  • checkout the commit that was built as this milestone if it's not the HEAD
  • Tag the commit
    • git tag -a '2.1.0M7' -m 'EMF Compare 2.1.0M7 - Luna M7 - 201305060839'
    (git tag -a '<alias>' -m '<message>')
  • Make sure you've tagged the right commit for this milestone
    • git show 2.1.0M7
  • Push the tag
    • git push origin 2.1.0M7

Changing the aggregator (simultaneous release)

  • Clone the simrel repository
    • git clone ssh://<user>
  • Install the aggregation editor in the eclipse where you'll change the aggregation (for an Eclipse 4.6 (Neon), it can be installed from
  • Checkout the simrel project in your eclipse, on the accurate branch (e.g. Juno_maintenance for Juno, master for the current release train)
  • Open the main simrel file (simrel.aggr) with the aggregation editor
  • Locate the EMF Compare entry, and change the update site it references so that it points toward the latest milestone (it should be available at "", "x.x" and "yyyyMMddhhmm" being the parts of the qualifier you used above to start the publishing job).
  • Make sure that the file validates (right-click within the editor, then select "Validate Aggregation")
  • Commit and push the modification for review
    • There should only be changes in the emf-compare.aggrcon file.
  • If the review is succesfully verified by hudson, +2 and push it to the repository.

PENDING DELETION - need to create a hudson job to copy the latest RC as a R build.

For the release

The R build will be a copy of the latest RC that was promoted. Promoting the release will be made in two steps : creating the release build, then making it available ; the latter of which should only be done the day of the official release train's release.

Creating the release build

Let's assume "2.1.0" is the released version here, assume the qualifier of the latest RC, "2.1.0RC4", is 201306110000. All of the following is done on


  • Go to the "drops" folder corresponding to your release
    • cd /home/data/httpd/
  • copy the folder of the latest RC into a folder with the same qualifier, but with the "R" prefix instead of "S"
    • cp -r S201306110000 R201306110000
  • Go into this new folder
    • cd R201306110000
  • Rename all zips and md5 to remove their "RC" alias
    • mv
    • mv
  • Change the md5 to remove the alias from the file names
    • vi
  • Check all md5, it must be OK
    • md5sum -c *.md5
  • Hide the zip from the download page (this should be done on your own machine, not on
  • Make sure that the zip does not appear on

update site

  • Go to the "releases" folder of the project and create the version's folder if it does not exist yet :
    • cd /home/data/httpd/
    • mkdir 2.1
    • cd 2.1
  • Create a folder for the release, with the same qualifier as above
    • mkdir R201306110000
    • cd R201306110000
  • Use the mirroring script to replicate the latest RC in this folder
    • ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/mirror-repository.xml -Drepository=/home/data/httpd/
you might get "unable to satisfy dependency" warnings while mirroring, this isn't an issue at this point.

Making the build available

This must not be done before the day of the official release.

  • Unhide the zip from the download page (this should be done on your own machine, not on
    • cd
    • vi index.php
      • locate the "$hiddenBuilds" variable, and remove the zip you wish to make available from that array : "2.1.0" => array("R201306110000")
  • Add the release update site to the composite update site of the released version
    • ssh
    • cd /home/data/httpd/
    • ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/manage-composite.xml add -Dchild.repository=R201306110000"EMF Compare 2.1 Releases"

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