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EMF Compare/API OpenEditorWithSelection

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The API enables to compute differences between models and open an EMF Compare editor from the result of the comparison and to select the differences about given model object identifiers.

  • void openEditor(final CompareEditorInput input, List<String> objectIds)

The input may be any input, instance of CompareEditorInput.

Here is an example to call this API in order to compare local models:

final IWorkbenchPage workBenchPage = TeamUIPlugin.getActivePage();

final IFile right = ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot().getFile("/org.eclipse.emf.compare.diagram.ui.tests/TC01_Added_nodes/TC2.ecorediag");

final IFile left = ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot().getFile("/org.eclipse.emf.compare.diagram.ui.tests/TC01_Added_nodes/TC1.ecorediag");

final ITypedElement iLeft = SaveablesCompareEditorInput.createFileElement(left);
final ITypedElement iRight = SaveablesCompareEditorInput.createFileElement(right);

final CompareEditorInput input = new SaveablesCompareEditorInput(null, iLeft, iRight, workBenchPage);

final List<String> uris = new ArrayList<String>();
for (String id : new String[] {"_sEwyAKfOEeC-6Yy0go4yvQ", "//EClass0" }) {
CompareServices.openEditor(input, uris);