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EMF Build Server Setup/VMWare

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If you'd like to run multiple server instances on the same machine, you can use some virtualization software such as VMWare Player.

If installing on a Debian/Ubuntu-basesd system, you may run into problems running the installer. Here's the workaround:

1. First, set your gcc compiler to match the one your system's kernel used.

cd /usr/bin; mv gcc gcc.ORIG; ln -s gcc-4.1 gcc

2. Next, install your kernel's header files, and symlink them to where the installer wants them:

apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r); \
cd /usr/src/; ln -s ln -s linux-headers-2.6.22-1-mepis-smp linux

3. Unpack the provided tar.gz, and run the installer:

cd /tmp/; tar xzf VMware-player-2.0.1-55017.i386.tar.gz; \
cd vmware-player-distrib; ./vmware-install.pl