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EMF Book Errata

This page lists all known errors in EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework, 2nd Edition. The list should also be made available on the book's site (but has not been posted there yet).

Page ? (Section 3.3.3) 
"If a single command stack is used pervasively for all changes to the all the objects being edited" needs to be fixed.
Page ? (Caption for Figure 4.1) 
"Primer purchase model in UML." should be "Primer purchase order model in UML."
Page 467 (Section 15.3.1) 
The second paragraph following the output fragment (beginning with "Notice that we waited") should be deleted entirely.
Page 495 (Section 15.5) 
In the example code, the value of OPTION_USE_DEPRECATED_METHODS should be Boolean.FALSE. Loading performance is improved by disabling deprecated methods (they're enabled by default).
Page 561 (Section 18.3) 
The value in the second row, last column of Table 18.2 should be "2007-01-01".

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