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* forum
* forum
** IQPL improvement suggestion:
** IQPL improvement suggestion:
** '''well create a ticket, and see later'''
*** '''we'll create a ticket, and see later'''

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Meeting minutes 2013 10 09


  • xform API remarks
  • performance issues, disable outline altogether?
  • ECE2013 prerequisites
    • Xcore integration requires Luna, but it is unclear ATM how it will exactly work
    • scoping issues (e.g. concurrentmodificationexception on clean) need to be resolved
      • concurrentmodificationexception
      • classcastexception
      • specific to the library example: "cannot nest src under library" error (ensureSourceFolders)
    • general issues
      • wrong handling of annotation parameter value assignments
    • Luna compatibility branch
    • general ideas
      • selection synch
    • Zest-based viewers
      • arrow ending styles
      • arrow coloring
      • avoid similarly curved arrows when multiple arrows are drawn between nodes
      • select a better default layout algorithm (spacetree?)
  • forum

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