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This page gives you an overview of an unmodified EMF (single page) editor (inc. a wizard) generated with EMF 2.6

The example is created based on the Generating an EMF Model example. You can find the source code and in this context the "library.editor" plugin / project e.g. here.

Usually the example and the default setup of the genmodel produces a multiple page editor. For the generation of a singel page editor you have to set the attribute "Multiple Page Editor" to false. This attribute is on package level, in this case the Library package.



The code generator produces just the following 4 classes:

  • LibraryEditor - The editor class itself.
  • LibraryActionBarContributor - The ActionBarContributor of the editor.
  • LibraryModelWizard - The wizard implementation ( find in File | New | Other... )
  • LibraryEditorPlugin - The plugin class. A subclass of EMFPlugin.

Other Files

The related plug-in files files are created be the generator too.

  • plugin.xml
  • icons/*


Class definition

The generated file has the following class definition:

* This is an example of a Library model editor.
* @generated
public class LibraryEditor extends MultiPageEditorPart implements IEditingDomainProvider, ISelectionProvider, 
IMenuListener, IViewerProvider, IGotoMarker {

As you can see the Editor is a subclass of EditorPart (in this case MultiPageEditorPart even this is a singe page editor).

to be continued ... :)



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