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EMF/EMF 2.3/New Features Migration Guide

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This migration guide is meant to deal with any problems that might arise out of the ashes of bug 106804, "rearrange the features to minimize external dependencies".

Should you have additional issues after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to comment in bug 106804.

If you depend on plugins...

If you use EMF, SDO, or XSD plugins, you should not need to do anything to migrate from EMF 2.3M6 to 2.3M7. If you're moving up from EMF 2.2 to 2.3, see the EMF 2.3 Adoption guide.

If you depend on features...

If you use EMF, SDO, or XSD features, you may have to change how your plugins and feature require EMF, SDO, and XSD. Changes may include:

  1. Change your features to depending on plugins only, not features. Note that as of 3.3M7, Update Manager can finally resolve feature-to-feature-to-plugin dependency resolution when you hit 'Select Required'. See bugs 132450, 174056, 154505, 175004, 131810...
  2. Change which features you depend on so as to include all the upstream code you need
  3. Add new features to include any upstream code you need which is now missing

Below is a comparison chart showing how the organization of features and plugins has changed, in order to ease your migration efforts.

EMF 2.2 vs. 2.3

EMF 2.3M6 vs. 2.3M7