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== Post-Ganymede Requirements ==
== Post-Ganymede Requirements ==
* EJB 3.1 (Java EE 6) support - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/ejb_3_1_early_draft article] [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/ejb_3_1_presentation_at presentation] [http://blogs.sun.com/MaheshKannan/entry/ejb_3_1_in_glassfish reference implementation]
* EJB 3.1 (Java EE 6) support [https://bugs.eclipse.org/241666 241666] - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/ejb_3_1_early_draft article] [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/ejb_3_1_presentation_at presentation] [http://blogs.sun.com/MaheshKannan/entry/ejb_3_1_in_glassfish reference implementation]
** Optional local business interfaces - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/optional_local_business_interfaces article]
** Optional local business interfaces [https://bugs.eclipse.org/241667 241667] - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/optional_local_business_interfaces article]
** Singletons
** Singletons [https://bugs.eclipse.org/241668 241668]
** .war packaging of EJB components - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/simplified_ejb_component_packaging article]
** .war packaging of EJB components [https://bugs.eclipse.org/241670 241670] - [http://blogs.sun.com/kensaks/entry/simplified_ejb_component_packaging article]
** ? EJB "Lite" profile
** ? EJB "Lite" profile
** ? Portable EJB Global JNDI Names
** ? Portable EJB Global JNDI Names

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The EJB Tools Project is currently in a transition phase since the project leadership has been handed over from Naci Dai to Kaloyan Raev.

Short-term Plan

The short-term plan covers activities within the Ganymede development phase.

Action Item Status
Reassign all Naci's bugs to ejb-inbox Checkmark.gif Done
Check all open bugs if still valid Checkmark.gif Done
Set target milestone on all open bugs Checkmark.gif Done
Verify all resolved bugs Checkmark.gif Done
Determine the scope of EJB Tools Project In Progress

237465 239827

Review Abouts in all EJB plugins Checkmark.gif Done
Generate JavaDocs for EJB API Not started

Long-term Plan

The long-term plan covers activities for post-Ganymede development phases.

Action Item Status
Detach all XDoclet functionality in separate plugins Not Started
EJB Test Plan In Progress

Post-Ganymede Requirements

  • EJB 3.1 (Java EE 6) support 241666 - article presentation reference implementation
    • Optional local business interfaces 241667 - article
    • Singletons 241668
    • .war packaging of EJB components 241670 - article
    •  ? EJB "Lite" profile
    •  ? Portable EJB Global JNDI Names
    •  ? Application Initialization and Shutdown Events
    •  ? EJB Timer Service Enhancements
    •  ? Simple Asynchrony
  • Add EJB 3.0 metadata to DD automatically 236621
  • Promote business methods automatically to interfaces 237050
  • Create Default Session Bean option 119311
  • Interceptors support (model, DD tree, wizard)
  • EJB 2.x non-XDoclet support in Session Bean and Message-Driven Bean wizards
  • Move all XDoclet functionality in new XDoclet component (sub-project) that extends the JEE and EJB components.
  • Clean up all internal usages on other Eclipse (sub)projects.

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