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(XMPP - The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)
(Eclipse Instant Messaging)
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==[[EIG:Eclipse Instant Messaging|Eclipse Instant Messaging]]==  
==[[EIG:The Shared Object API|The Shared Object API]]==  
<!-- NOTE TO EDITORS: Subtopics added here must also be added into the page where the above link points to -->  
<!-- NOTE TO EDITORS: Subtopics added here must also be added into the page where the above link points to -->  
[[EIG:Introduction to Eclipse IM Server|Introduction to Eclipse IM Server]]<br> [[EIG:Connecting to the Eclipse IM Server|Connecting to the Eclipse IM Server]]<br>  
[[EIG:Introduction to the Shared Object API|Introduction to the Shared Object API]]<br>  
[[EIG:Creating a Shared Object|Creating a Shared Object]]<br>
[[EIG:Sharing the Shared Object|Sharing the Shared Object]]<br>
==[[EIG:Eclipse Workbench Collaboration|Eclipse Workbench Collaboration]]==  
==[[EIG:Eclipse Workbench Collaboration|Eclipse Workbench Collaboration]]==  

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ECF Integrators Guide


Foreword by Scott Lewis, ECF Project Lead


Who should use this guide

The Container Architecture

Container Factories
Implementing a New Container

OSGi Remote Services

Introduction to OSGi Remote Services

The Shared Object API

Introduction to the Shared Object API
Creating a Shared Object
Sharing the Shared Object

Eclipse Workbench Collaboration

Introduction to Eclipse Collaboration Groups
Connecting to the Eclipse Collabroation Server
Running Your Own Collabroation Server
Sharing a Project
Activating Collaboration Listeners
Sharing Your Screen
Real-Time Shared Editing


Introduction to BitTorrent
Downloading a Torrent
Downloading a Torrent from the Command Line

VOIP - Voice over IP

What is VOIP
Starting a VoIP Session

IRC - Internet Relay chat

Introduction to IRC
Connecting to an IRC Server
Connecting to Eclipse Channels


Introduction to MSN
Connecting to MSN

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