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EGit/New and Noteworthy/3.4

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Revision as of 17:51, 1 June 2014 by (Talk | contribs) (Features)



  • Add ability to edit a commit directly from the history view.
  • Add ability to reword a commit directly from the history view.
  • Enable creating a new git repository in a non-empty folder
  • Use branch.<name>.mergeoptions to set merge defaults
  • Add a flag in the create stash dialog to allow including untracked changes in a stash
  • Enable staging view for submodule repositories
  • Add compare mode to CompareTreeView
  • Provide extensibility for suggesting branch names


  • Fix Package Explorer text colors on dark theme
  • Interactive Rebase View: Action buttons toggle
  • Suggest local branch name properly when remote contains a '/'
  • Provide an option to fetch from Gerrit without checking out the branch
  • Commit Viewer: Provide "Show in History" in toolbar
  • [stagingView] Store the commit message on Eclipse shutdown
  • Disable logical model from preferences
  • [historyView] More space-efficient labels on commit with multiple tags
  • Warn when switching branches and a launch is running for the repo
  • Pull with rebase: show dialog if there are uncommitted changes
  • Commit Viewer: Show first line of commit message in editor tooltip
  • Interactive Rebase View: Double click opens Commit Viewer
  • [reflogView] Offer to reset to a reflog entry via the context menu
  • Enable "Push to Upstream" when default remote has push spec
  • Push Branch: Pre-fill branch name of upstream config if available
  • [Rebase Interactive] Move multiple commits
  • Open workspace version from context menu of the compare editor
  • Check for uncommitted changes before rewording commits.
  • Check for uncommitted changes before squashing commits.
  • Merge Tool: Don't ask for merge mode per default
  • Allow canceling the commit operation after save-during-commit
  • Sort refs in the 'Switch To' menu in natural order

Performance Improvements

  • Only fetch when synchronizing with remote-tracking branch
  • Only sample the progress when computing the compare tree view
  • Accelerate calculation of content of CompareTreeView.

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update Luna target platform to Orbit release R20140525021250
  • Update build to use Tycho 0.20.0
  • Add script to create EGit release

Bug Fixes

72 Bugs and 14 enhancement requests were closed


The following zz developers worked on this release:

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