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EGit/New and Noteworthy/3.2



  • Support for interactive rebase
  • Support rebase.autostash
  • [repoView] Add dropping multiple stashed commits
  • Push branch/initial push wizard
  • Push Tags wizard
  • Improve UI of upstream configuration when creating a branch
  • Blame annotations: Add link for showing commit in history and open
  • Blame annotations: Show start commit when opening editor
  • Blame annotations: Show diff in hover and enable blaming parent commits
  • PSF import also supports checking out tags, not only branches
  • Make Merge Tool work for non-workspace files
  • Rebase: Show dialog in case there are uncommitted changes
  • [historyView] "Search all" option for find toolbar

Usability Improvements

  • Push Branch wizard: Preselect remote if branch has one configured
  • BranchSelectionDialog: Make resizable and sort elements
  • [historyView] Add Show In > History to file diff pane
  • Improve rendering of file diffs in History view
  • Commit dialog: Add "Compare with HEAD revision" to file context menu
  • [repoView] Automatically share projects when adding existing repository
  • Show tooltips for refs (history view, branch selection dialogs)
  • Prohibit invalid remote name in clone wizard
  • Disable Delete button when current branch is selected in Checkout dialog
  • Allow to edit branches while fetching from Gerrit
  • [repoView] Show checkout confirmation
  • Prohibit empty remote name
  • Only show "New HEAD" in merge result dialog when applicable
  • Fix showing deleted file in history from commit viewer
  • Expand the "Working Directory" node in import wizard
  • Validate branch and tag names in FetchFromGerritWizard
  • Add dialog settings to project import dialog
  • Validate new remote's name in NewRemoteDialog

GitHub Connector Features

No new features in this release.

Performance Improvements

  • [repoView] Improve performance of tags (label provider)

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update Jetty to 7.6.14.v20131031
  • Add Luna target platform and update dependencies for Luna
  • Update build to use Tycho 0.19

Bug Fixes

44 Bugs and 13 enhancement requests were closed


The following xx developers worked on this release: