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The following 14 developers worked on this release:
The following 14 developers worked on this release:
André Dietisheim
André Dietisheim,
Carsten Pfeiffer
Carsten Pfeiffer,
Dani Megert
Dani Megert,
François Rey
François Rey,
Gunnar Wagenknecht
Gunnar Wagenknecht,
Jake Wharton
Jake Wharton,
Kevin Sawicki
Kevin Sawicki,
Laurent Goubet
Laurent Goubet,
Markus Keller
Markus Keller,
Matthias Sohn
Matthias Sohn,
Robin Rosenberg
Robin Rosenberg,
Robin Stocker
Robin Stocker,
Stephen Elsemore
Stephen Elsemore,
Tomasz Zarna
Tomasz Zarna

Revision as of 19:29, 2 June 2013

EGit Features

  • Consider the ancestor when comparing with remote revisions (bug 400943).
  • History view: Adjust column widths and don't show e-mail addresses by default to improve space use
  • Improve error reporting for pull failures due to conflicts
  • When opening a resource which exists in more than one project (due to nested projects), open it in the most specific project (bug 404629).
  • Allow reset to user-entered commit expression in reset dialog (bug 352142).
  • Commit dialog: the file section can now be resized by hovering the mouse just above the file section title and dragging the sash up or down, making the message section increase/decrease accordingly (bug 343712).
  • Add rename detections to the quickdiff provider
  • Add rename detection to the history file diff viewer
  • Allow users to show server messages while pushing
  • Show fast forward modes in merge dialog

GitHub Connector Features

  • Adapt github connector to use JGit/EGit 3.0
  • Switch UserPlan fields to long instead of int
    • This expected size can be common for large Enterprise installs.
  • Add service support for contents API

Performance Improvements

  • Lessen the re-indexing work and number of queued jobs (bug 381856).

Also see JGit 3.0 release notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix commit keyboard shortcut Ctrl+# (bug 363648).
  • Fix rebase pulldown in toolbar not being accessible during rebase (bug 387184).
  • Fix NPE when operating on a selection containing a linked resource pointing to a file or directory outside of a workspace project git repository (bug 406922).

117 Bugs and 23 enhancement requests were closed

API changes

  • All former public packages have been marked internal since they were never intended to be API
  • File enhancement bugs on EGit Core to specify EGit APIs you need. Prepend [API] to the bug title to mark it as API relevant.


The following 14 developers worked on this release:

André Dietisheim, Carsten Pfeiffer, Dani Megert, François Rey, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Jake Wharton, Kevin Sawicki, Laurent Goubet, Markus Keller, Matthias Sohn, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Stephen Elsemore, Tomasz Zarna