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EGit/New and Noteworthy/2.3

EGit 2.3 is planned to be released with Juno SR2 on Feb 22, 2013.

EGit Features

  • "Fetch from Gerrit..." recognizes Gerrit fetch command copied to clipboard (
  • Linked resources are now handled correctly ( They are typically ignored unless they point to a resource within the same repository as the containing project. In that case they are decorated according to their git status, and one can operate on them along with regular resources.
  • Added git clean action for repositories
  • Repositories View: add "Show In" support for resources and tags
  • History View: filtered files are now highlighted in file diff viewer
  • Commit Dialog: Change table to filtered tree in order to enable quick filtering of file list
  • New preference: auto-ignore of derived resources
  • Improved support for logical models in "Compare With" operation
  • Perform synchronization for logical models in Commit and History View
  • Support git merge --no-ff as an EGit preference
  • Repositories View: Add "History" to Show In menu for all perspectives
  • Make Merge Tool also usable for conflicts of unstashing
  • Also enable Merge Tool for conflicts caused by stash
  • Font and colors of headlines in diff tab of commit viewer can now be customized via preferences
  • Added checkbox for nested project search to "Import Projects" page
  • Improved error handling in merge result dialog
  • Improved error handling for checkout conflicts

API changes

  • RepositoryFinder has now a more concise API for handling linked resources when searching candidate repositories for a project. The default search behavior has changed: linked resources are now ignored during the search instead of being traversed. Any code that depends on the old default behavior should now use the new find method that also takes a boolean in order to control the traversing of linked resources.

Performance Improvements

- Only refresh projects with changed resources - Synchronize View: Fixed performance problem with GitModelCache#getChildren - Synchronize View: Only refresh on repository change if affected

Bug Fixes

?? Bugs and ?? enhancement requests were closed


The following developers worked on this release: Dani Megert, Dariusz Luksza, Francois Rey, Gunnar Wagenknecht, Laurent Goubet, Markus Duft, Markus Keller, Matthias Sohn, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Snjezana Peco, Stefan Lay, Tobias Pfeifer, Tomasz Zarna

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