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EGit/New and Noteworthy/2.1

Note that 2.1 is not yet released, please install from the Nightly Update Site to use these features.

EGit Features

Delete untracked files in Staging View and Repositories View

The Staging View now has a context menu action Delete which makes it possible to delete untracked files directly from the view. The Repositories View has the same action.

When all the selected files are workspace resources, it's possible to undo the delete using the Edit -> Undo menu.

Before, it was always necessary to locate the file in the Package Explorer or Navigator. In the case of non-workspace resources, it was necessary to leave Eclipse.

Commit using Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter) in Staging View and Commit Dialog

After having entered the commit message, it's now possible to commit using the Ctrl+Enter (or Cmd+Enter on Mac OS X) shortcut instead of clicking on the toolbar icon.

Show warnings/errors on files in Staging View and Commit Dialog

When there is a problem on a file, it was previously only possible to see this in the Package Explorer or Navigator. Now the decorations are also shown when preparing a commit, in the Commit Dialog and in the Staging View:


Bugs Closed

EGit bugs closed up to now