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(EGit Features)
(GitHub Mylyn Connector Features)
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= GitHub Mylyn Connector Features =
= GitHub Mylyn Connector Features =
* Add support for paging over starred gists
= Bugs Closed =
= Bugs Closed =
[;bug_severity=critical;bug_severity=major;bug_severity=normal;bug_severity=minor;bug_severity=trivial;bug_severity=enhancement;resolution=FIXED;resolution=DUPLICATE;classification=Technology;chfieldto=2012-06-06;query_format=advanced;chfield=bug_status;chfieldfrom=2012-02-25;bug_status=RESOLVED;bug_status=VERIFIED;bug_status=CLOSED;product=EGit 69 bugs and 16 enhancement requests] were closed.
[;bug_severity=critical;bug_severity=major;bug_severity=normal;bug_severity=minor;bug_severity=trivial;bug_severity=enhancement;resolution=FIXED;resolution=DUPLICATE;classification=Technology;chfieldto=2012-06-06;query_format=advanced;chfield=bug_status;chfieldfrom=2012-02-25;bug_status=RESOLVED;bug_status=VERIFIED;bug_status=CLOSED;product=EGit 69 bugs and 16 enhancement requests] were closed.

Revision as of 19:09, 31 May 2012

EGit Features

Support for Eclipse-SourceReferences manifest headers

Allow push of single Refs/Commits from Repositories & History Views

This adds a new SimplePushWizard which allows selecting a target remote and ref name. It then pushes out the selected Ref/Commit to the selected target ref.

Stash Support

  • Support to create stashed commits
  • Support to apply stashed commits to the index and working tree
  • Support for dropping stashed commits
  • New stash option in branch result dialog. This allows the to quickly stash any conflicting changes that are preventing a branch from being checked out.

Support for "workspace patches"

Workspace-aware patches include comments to tell the Apply Patch wizard about the target projects for individual diffs. They contain enough information to allow the wizard to decide which resources need to be patched.

Also allow to save patches in the workspace.

Preemptively close missing projects when switching branches

When checking out another branch look for projects that differ between the current branch, target branch, and working directory and close any projects not available on target branch before checkout begins.

Reopened projects are now also refreshed after being opened in order to keep the Eclipse resource model in sync with the working directory changes.

Other Improvements

History View Improvements

  • table layout was improved
  • new option to allow hiding email address of committer and author
  • incremental loading of history improves performance and significantly reduces memory footprint
  • add command to rename branches
  • new option to suppress displaying of additional Refs like FETCH_HEAD, ORIG_HEAD
  • new "committed date" column
  • Show commit in history view when annotation is selected. "Team > Annotations" now shows/selects the commit in the history view when a revision is selected.

Staging View Improvements

  • supports content assist for file names and commit messages
  • add command "Replace with HEAD"
  • support for discarding changes of non-workspace files
  • Staging View now uses the global IndexDiffCache, this reduces EGit's memory footprint and ensures consistency with resource decorations
  • Option to show whitespace characters in Staging View and Commit Dialog

Repositories View Improvements

  • for references, branches and tags show the abbreviated SHA-1 followed by the short message of the commit that SHA-1 points to.
  • on branch nodes allow to show/edit branch configuration
  • Git command group actions now also work when selecting one or several repositories in the Repositories View.
  • simplified configure fetch and configure push dialogs
  • allow to fetch/push on remote nodes


  • enable using variables to set the default clone destination in the preferences. With this, it's now possible to configure it to always clone into workspace, using ${workspace_loc}
  • add configuration option for core.streamFileThreshold in preferences
  • configuration editor in preferences now supports editing configuration values directly in tree

Team Menu& Git Actions Toolbar

  • new command "Remove from Index" to enable unstaging staged changes from the team menu
  • rename support for "Compare With > Previous Revision"
  • Add merge button to Git Actions Toolbar


  • Add Commit... and Reset... buttons to checkout conflict dialog.
  • Add "Revert" action to Commit Editor

GitHub Mylyn Connector Features

  • Add support for paging over starred gists

Bugs Closed

69 bugs and 16 enhancement requests were closed.

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