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EGit/New and Noteworthy/1.2

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New Features

Improved decorator performance

  • through IndexDiff cache and new decorator implementation

Support for project rename and move for some cases

Option to auto-share projects on import when located in a working tree

Repositories View

Pull with multi-selection

The Pull command now also works if resources are selected from more than one repository.

Property page for repository configuration

In the Git Repositories view, there is a new Properties action in the context menu, which will open a configuration dialog allowing to edit the Repository Configuration. Here, key value pairs can be added, changed or deleted. The Open button allows to open the Repository Configuration file in a text editor.

Delete tag command

On a tag, you may now click Delete Tag to delete a tag.

Drag file from working tree to open editor

Files can now be opened by dragging them from the Working Directory to the Editor Area.

History View

Option to follow renames

A new view menu item Show > Follow Renames allows to toggle whether renames of a selected ressource should be followed, if the "Resource" filter is used.

Delete Branch Command

In the commit graph area, there is a new context menu action "Delete Branch" allowing to delete a branch. It will be enabled if a branch exists for the currently selected commit, which is not checked out. If there is a single branch on this commit, which is not checked out, this action will delete this branch immediately. If multiple such branches exist, a dialog will be shown asking which branches should be deleted. If commits become unreachable on "Delete Branch" a confirmation dialog will be shown to prevent accidental unreachability of commits.

Show annotations from file table in history view

In the revision details area, there is a new context menu action Show Annotations. On selected files it will open the file in a (read-only) editor and display an annotation ruler with commit and author information ("blame annotations") for each line in a file.

Reflog View

Show Timestamp and Commit Short Message

A reflog entry now additionally shows the timestamp of the reflog entry and the short message of the associated commit.

Checkout Command

The new context menu action Checkout will checkout the selected commit and the HEAD will become detached.

Commit Editor

  • checkout command
  • cherry-pick command

Bugs Closed

103 bugs and 11 enhancement requests were closed.


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