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m (Repositories View)
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=== Delete tag command ===
=== Delete tag command ===
=== Deletion of tags ===
On a tag, you may now click '''Delete Tag''' to delete a tag.
On a tag, you may now click '''Delete Tag''' to delete a tag.

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New Features

Improved decorator performance

  • through IndexDiff cache and new decorator implementation

Support for project rename and move for some cases

Option to auto-share projects on import when located in a working tree

Repositories View

Pull with multi-selection

The Pull command now also works if resources are selected from more than one repository.

Property page for repository configuration

In the Git Repositories view, there is a new Properties action in the context menu, which will open a configuration dialog allowing to edit the Repository Configuration. Here, key value pairs can be added, changed or deleted. The Open button allows to open the Repository Configuration file in a text editor.

Delete tag command

On a tag, you may now click Delete Tag to delete a tag.

Drag file from working tree to open editor

Files can now be opened by dragging them from the Working Directory to the Editor Area.

History View

  • can now follow renames
  • delete branch command
  • Show annotations from file table in history view

Reflog View

  • show timestamp and commit short message
  • checkout command

Commit Editor

  • checkout command
  • cherry-pick command

Bugs Closed

103 bugs and 11 enhancement requests were closed.


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