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EGit/New and Noteworthy/0.10

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Revision as of 18:18, 15 December 2010 by Matthias.sohn.sap.com (Talk | contribs) (Merge Tool)

Rebase Support

EGit now supports rebase with options to abort, skip, and continue when rebase finds conflicts .


When conflicts are detected during rebase the following dialog presents the options how to proceed


Cherry-pick Support

EGit now supports cherry-pick


Merge Tool

EGit now supports a visual merge tool to better support resolving conflicts detected during merge, rebase or cherry-pick


HTTP Authentication

EGit now supports HTTP basic and digest authentication. This helps users sitting behind firewalls which often block git: and ssh: traffic. User credentials can be optionally stored in the Eclipse Secure Store.

Drag and Drop Support

The repositories view now supports drag and drop. You can drag a folder or a list of folders from the file system into the Repositories View. If the folders are a valid Git repository or a direct parent of a .git folder, they will be added as a repository to the view.

Pull Support


Cherry-pick Support


PDE Build Fetch Factory

In the org.eclipse.egit.fetchfactory plug-in TODO