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EGit/Logical Model support

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The goal is here to provide a decent implementation of "logical model" support in [EGit EGit]. The word "model" in "logical model" has nothing to do with the EMF concept of model. Sometimes in this document, we'll talk about logical resources interchangeably.

For more details about how logical model support has to be implemented relating to Team, you should read the document Team Support for Logical Model Integration.

For team providers like EGit, the following document is of high interest for implementation purposes: Repository Roadmap for Logical Model Integration

For model providers like [EMF Compare], the following document is relevant: Model Roadmap for Logical Model Integration


  • Compare editor support for merge conflicts from the Synchonize View
  • Design a model merge workflow across commits
  • Logical model support in Synchronize View
  • Merge, Update and Commit support inside Synchronize View
  • Show conflicting commits in Synchronize View


Development occurs on master branch of EGit, reviewed on Gerrit

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