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EGit/GitHub/User Guide

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The EGit Mylyn GitHub connector supports creating task repositories for working with GitHub issues and Gists. A GitHub issue task repository is required for each GitHub project repository you want to access issues for. A single Gist repository allows you to access all Gists on http://gist.github.com.

Getting Started

The Mylyn GitHub connector supports bulk adding all your GitHub repositories to the Mylyn Task Repositorities view.

  1. Select File > Import...
  2. Select the GitHub Task Repositories node under the Tasks category
  3. Select Next
  4. Enter your GitHub login name and password on the credentials wizard page
  5. Select Next
  6. Check all the GitHub repositories that you want to access issues from.
  7. Select Finish
  8. Open the Task Repositories view to browse the newly added task repositories and add queries or create new tasks.



GitHub issue task repositories support creating queries that filter by the following fields:

  • State (open or closed)
  • Milestones
  • Mentions
  • Assignee
  • Labels

Note that when multiple filters are used in the same query the returned issues will match all of the filters. The minimum required for a valid query is at least one status selected and a non-empty title.




Gists can be created by selecting text in a editor or files in an explorer and selecting the Create Gist context menu. A Gist will be created in a background job and a notification popup will display after the Gist has been created.


Gist queries only support filtering by a specified GitHub login name.

Gist Editor

The task editor for Gists supports the following:

  • Updating the description
  • Commenting
  • Opening the files in a gist
  • Adding new files to the gist
  • Replacing the content of a file currently in the gist
  • Cloning the gist to a local Eclipse project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does the connector support GitHub API tokens?
    • No, API tokens are no longer supported by the newest GitHub API which the connector uses for requests.
  • Are GitHub API requests made over HTTPS?
    • Yes, all requests made through the GitHub API are over HTTPS.