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EGF Tutorial and Use Cases

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  • Download an introduction to EGF
  • Practice: All the examples are included in EGF. The EGF portfolios provides complete examples.
  • Additional examples can be found on Eclipse Labs (e.g., for Ruby extension to EGF)

Generation Chain

EGF Activities: Factory Component and Task

EGF Patterns

  • Tutorial: Download this tutorial to understand the reuse and customization with EGF and the pattern extensibility.
  • Tutorial: Download this tutorial to understand how to trace (or debug) the patterns which contribute to a model-to-text transformation.
  • Videos: Pattern Creation, Pattern Preconditions

Reporting of Model-to-text Transformations

  • Tutorial: Download this tutorial to post-process and report M2T transformations based on EGF patterns.


Refer to the portfolios provided by EGF:


Download the EGF metamodel

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