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(Enhanced EMF Generation)
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== Enhanced EMF Generation  ==
== Enhanced EMF Generation  ==
*Tutorial: [ Download] this tutorial for in introduction of a '''pattern-based EMF Generation'''.<br>  
*Tutorial: [ Download] this tutorial for in introduction of a '''pattern-based EMF Generation'''.<br>
*Video: [ EMF Wrapper]<br>  
*Video: [ EMF Wrapper]<br>
*Practice:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Learning&nbsp;'''Basic EMF Generation with Patterns''': [ Exercices] + Solution in [ examples] / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc1 plugin <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Learning '''Customization of the EMF Generation''': [ Exercices] + Solution in [ examples] / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc2 plugin&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Learning '''Teamworking - Integration of customized&nbsp;EMF Generation''': [ Exercices] + Solution in [ examples] / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc3 plugin
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Learning '''EMF Generation Patterns - 1''': [ Exercices] + [ Solution (plug-in)]<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Learning '''EMF Generation Patterns - 2''': [ Exercices] + [ Solution (plug-in)]<br>
= Metamodel  =
= Metamodel  =

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Logo EGF.png

Main Concepts

  • Quick tour of EGF: here
  • Tutorial: Download this tutorial to understand the main concepts of EGF: 1) factory component, task, activity, production plan, 2) pattern.
  • Link:  EGF Portfolio on Eclipse Labs (e.g., for Ruby extension to EGF)
  • Practice: All examples in the sequel can be download here

Generation Chain

    Learning Generation Chain: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.generationchain.uc1 plugin

EGF Activities: Factory Component and Task

    Learning Factory Component and Task: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.fc.uc1 plugin

    Example of Activity Workflow with Java and Ruby: examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.activityworkflow.uc1 plug-in

EGF Patterns

    Learning Pattern: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.pattern.uc1 plugin
    Learning Pattern Extensibility: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.pattern.uc2 plugin

Enhanced EMF Generation

  • Tutorial: Download this tutorial for in introduction of a pattern-based EMF Generation.
  • Video: EMF Wrapper
  • Practice:
        Learning Basic EMF Generation with Patterns: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc1 plugin
        Learning Customization of the EMF Generation: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc2 plugin 
        Learning Teamworking - Integration of customized EMF Generation: Exercices + Solution in examples / org.eclipse.egf.usecase.emf.uc3 plugin


Download the EGF metamodel

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