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EGF New And Noteworthy

EGF in Indigo

EGF is in the Indigo release train since Indigo/M3.

The EMF generation in EGF (for the EMF customization and team working) will be aligned on the standard EMF generation.

EGF in Helios

New with EGF 0.3.0:

Generation chain

Description of a generation with the main generation features instead of diving into technical details.

A generation chain is executable and can be executed in headless mode.

The generation chain is extensible. As delivered in EGF, it is reduced to the EMF scope today.

Activity workflow

The activity workflow (production plan) supports JRuby. The extension is downloadable from Eclipse Labs.

[Portfolio] Enhancement of the EMF generation

EMF generation aligned on Helios 3.6.1.

[Portfolio] Build chain modeler and generator

EGF includes an EMF editor to model a build chain.

The targeted platform is Hudson and Buckminster.

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