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EGF Installation

EGF 0.2.1

  • Installation:
  1. Prerequisite: installation of Eclipse 3.5
  2. Download EGF 0.2.1
  3. Unzip EGF in the dropins directory
  • Comprehension in 10 minutes: launch Help, choose the EGF Guide, next "Getting Started" and "EGF by pictures
  • First test:
    1. Import as source project the plug-in "org.eclipse.egf.examples.uc1"
    2. In the EGF folder, open the "HelloWorld.fcore"
      • Right-click on "HelloWorld" factory component and choose "Run EGF Activity..."
      • The result is in the EGF console
    3. Repeat the operation with "HelloWorldPattern.fcore"
    4. Patterns are in the "Pattern Viewpoint" and in a pattern library
      • For editing a pattern, right-click on the pattern
  • Tutorials: Help, EGF Guide, section Tutorials

Previous versions: EGF 0.2.0, EGF 0.1.0