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Goulwen Le Fur -

Release review: November 30th, 2013

Communication channel: eclipse.modeling.emft

New and noteworthy

Adding new widgets in EEF runtime

In order to improve EEF users experience for EMF models editing, new widgets have been added in the framework's runtime. These widgets are:

  • SingleCompositionEditor: This widget allows user to edit a 0-1 or 1-1 containment reference on an object.

EEF - SingleCompositionEditor sample.png

  • EReferencesViewer: This widget bring a simplier interface to edit 0-n or 1-n references. The element selection dialog has a cleaner interface for choosing the referenced elements.

EEF - EReferencesViewer sample.png vs. EEF - AdvancedReferencesTable.png

  • LinkEObjectFlatComboViewer: The LinkEObjectFlatComboViewer is an improved version of the AdvancedEObjectFlatComboViewer but instead of a simple text displaying the referenced object, it's a navigable link.

EEF - LinkEObjectFlatComboViewer.png

Bugs fixes

As for any other releases, a set bug have been fixed in the framework.

Quality of APIs

The component lead certifies that the requirements for Eclipse Quality APIs have been met for this release. All non-API code is in "internal" packages.


2 active committers from Obeo

  • Goulwen Le Fur (project lead)
  • Nathalie Lépine

IP Issues

No specific issues have to be noticed for this release.

Non-Code Aspects

Continuous Integration

Project is built from the Eclipse hudson instance through Tycho. A nightly is built once a day if the SCM polling sees a change from the last build.


207 functional tests are launched on the framework at each continuous integration. 66 are failing but this is due to issues on the testing framework. This state will be corrected in the next releases.


API is kept compatible with previous verions.


All of the documentation for EEF is available from the wiki. It will be completed and extended with tutorial as this version matures.


86 bugs are open on the EEF bugzilla:

  • 1 Critical
  • 5 Major
  • 53 Normal
  • 6 Minor
  • 1 Trivial
  • 20 Enhancements

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