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EEF/New and Noteworthy

Revision as of 09:36, 4 December 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (0.8.X Stream)

This page list all improvement made on EEF streams

0.8.X Stream

  • ADDED: Generic form pages using EEF
  • ADDED: EEF Viewer - JFace Viewer using EEF
  • ADDED: PropertiesEditionSection refunded - now there is no need to use TabbedPropertiesEditionSheetPage
  • ADDED: EEF is now able to manage eReferences on Abstract types - The PropertiesEditionWizard has now a page to choose the type of element to create
  • ADDED: EEF view synchronized with the EditingDomain of the current editor
  • ADDED: a MasterDetails Block using EEF for the Details and the Master parts
  • ADDED: Title sections can now be modified and internationalized
  • UPDATED: little improvements on the TableReference
  • FIXED: tableCompositon updater
  • FIXED: some invalid thread access in EEF components
  • FIXED: text widgets can handle all datatypes using EcoreUtil conversion

0.7.X Stream

  • FIXED: some invalid thread access in EEF components

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