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EEF/Migrating version

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This page list all the migration process

From v0.8.X to v0.9.X

Migrating models

There was no regressive changes in EEF metamodels in 0.9 version.

Migrating from end-user point of view

  • First, relaunch generation. Use the organize imports action of JDT if needed.
  • If you have user code lost in *.lost files, use components and views extension mechanism to reintegrate this code. Delete lost files.
  • The components providing mechanism have been changed in 0.9. EEF don't use the XXXPackageEditionProvider and XXXPackagePolicyEditionProvider to get controller and editing policies but a generated AdapterFactory instead. Delete theses classes.

Delete unused providers in 0.9

  • The sample plugin.xml generated file is updated with the new AdapterFactory declaration. Replace old EEF providers declaration by the generated AdapterFactory.

Replaced old EEF providers by the generated AdapterFactory

  • Finally, update the OpenWizardOnDoubleClick constructor call (if you use wizards). It takes now the adapterFactory to use in parameter.

Add adapterFactory to OpenWizard listener constructor

API changes

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