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[[/Custom Editor/ | How to customize the generated  EEF code]]
[[/Custom Editor/ | How to customize the generated  EEF code]]
[[/EEF Graphiti/ | EEF propoerties for Graphiti Editor]]
=== Guides ===
=== Guides ===

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The EEF project is part of EMFT (EMF Technology).

EEF provides a generative component and runtime infrastructure for developing advanced components to ease the EMF based model editing. It is composed of three parts:

  1. A runtime containing a set of advanced widgets and a generic and extensible MVC architecture
  2. Standard metamodels allowing the definition of models that will parameterize the actual editing components that are to be generated
  3. An Acceleo module generating a standard architecture extending the framework's runtime.

The generated elements can be integrated in any SWT/JFace components to ease the EMF model based editing.

Sample of properties view integrating a component generated with EEF Sample of JFace wizard integrating a component generated with EEF



Installation Guide


My first generation with EEF

How to customize the generated EEF code

EEF propoerties for Graphiti Editor


User Guide

Developer Guide

Releng Guide



New & Noteworthy

New and Noteworthy

Migrating version


Sample World Cup Forecasts



  • Behavior in properties view improvement - 90%
  • Better label management
  • Work on performances
  • Use of EMF core generator for EEF generation


  • Tests improvement - 50%
  • Wireframe Sketcher compatibility

Later ...

  • SWT Standard widgets management - 75%
  • Incremental intializer - 0%
  • Help system integration - 5%
  • Lock system - 0%
  • New advanced widgets set (Nebula, Riena, ...) - 0%
  • Alternative EMF generation - 10%


More information