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=== '''Time required'''  ===
=== '''Time required'''  ===
About 3 hours<br><br>[ [Lesson 1: Plan the application]]  
About 3 hours<br><br>
=== '''Lessons'''  ===
<br>[ [Lesson 1: Plan the application]] <br>[ [Lesson 2: Set up the data base]] <br>[ [Lesson 3: Create projects and record part]]  

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In this tutorial, you create a Rich UI application so that the user can access rows in a database.

Learning objectives

In this tutorial, you will complete these tasks:

  • Plan the application and design the interface.
  • Create a Derby database.
  • Write a data-access service that interacts with the database tables.
  • Create a web application that accesses the service, displays the retrieved data, and processes the user's updates.
  • Install and configure the Apache Tomcat web server.
  • Deploy the web application and service.

Time required

About 3 hours


[Lesson 1: Plan the application]
[Lesson 2: Set up the data base]
[Lesson 3: Create projects and record part]

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